• Saturday January  31 epta 17th general assembly 3.30 pm.
  • Saturday January 31at 12.30 lecture with erik Christensen about “music, brain and body”
  • New homepage. Epta has got a new homepagmarch 7 e which we hope the members and other will use and comment.
    There is among others a new members list, where you easily can search for a piano teacher.
  • Piano seminar with the famous Danish piano teacher bella zapolski, born in Ukraine. The main theme is rhythm and sound. March 7-8 in …
  • March 22 piano course with the well known pianist and teacher martin lys.holm Jepsen.  The main theme will be the basic technique for building a young  piano player into a professional pianist. Followed up by demonstrations of pianists on different level-
  • Youngepta
    Is a new section of young epta members, who will take initiative to special arrangements for the youth, and make their own events.